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Women Empowerment Essay

Empowering women in today's global setting

Now more than ever, women are at the forefront of significant developments in the world. Where in the past they were accorded a passive role in the overall state of affairs, the reverse is true today. Women are now leaving their mark in every conceivable field, even in places where they used to be left behind.

Part of this radical shift in gender dynamics can be attributed to the remarkable strides made in the past decades to empower women. Indeed, the empowerment of women has been inspired not only by the feminist movement of the 1970s, but also of the concerted efforts of women around the world to make a stand and let their voices be heard.

Take politics. In a field that has been traditionally masculine, more and more women are spelling out their own careers as top leaders. In the US, for example, there are a lot of talks about the probability of a woman, Hillary Clinton, waging a campaign to secure the seat in the White House. Although much of it remains speculative, the idea of Clinton becoming the first female US president only serves to punctuate her already sterling career as a lawyer, senator, and diplomat.

Elsewhere in the world, particularly in Europe, women also play an active role in the way nations are run. German prime minister Angela Merkel, consistently ranked as one of the most powerful women in the world by business magazine Forbes, takes on a no-nonsense approach in managing the fiscal and political affairs of both her country, Germany, and the European Union.

But the empowerment of women is not just seen in the sphere of politics. In corporate boardrooms across the world, women are filling up C-level executive posts. Giant organizations from Wall Street to Silicon Valley now have women occupying key management positions, as exemplified by a number of notable figures, including Marissa Ann Meyer, who is on top of things as president and CEO of tech behemoth Yahoo!, and Indra Nooyi, who leads beverage giant Pepsi as its chairman and CEO.

Similarly, the entertainment scene is rife with examples of empowered women. Through their boldness, skills, and capacity to transcend traditional gender roles, many women artists are now quintessential examples of who an empowered woman should be: independent, strong-willed, appreciative of her physical form, and smart. In more ways than one, their fame, power, and influence serve as catalyst for inspiration and change, particularly among those who dream of becoming empowered themselves.

In sum, breaking the proverbial glass ceiling in different arenas or fields of knowledge is often just the first step toward the full empowerment of women. It should not end there. The most important aspect of women empowerment is the sustainability of these positive changes.

As such, the triumphs women acquire should not stay novel as if these were mere token reminders of what they are capable of. Instead, these triumphs should become an intrinsic part of the regular fabric of life. Because so long as there are women barred from unleashing their fullest potentials and so long as the traditional hurdles of sexism and misogyny exist, women are only going to be partially empowered.

The goal therefore is to break down these hurdles and aim for a world where women are empowered enough to be the best they can be.

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